I was an avid reader as a child, and I have many happy memories associated with books. When my son was born 5 years ago, I began to think about sharing my childhood favorites with him as he got older. Although I had revisited some of these favorites over the years, most of them I hadn’t read in many years. I wondered if the books I had loved so much as a child would something I could share with my son as he grows up. Are they timeless classics, or will they seem hopelessly dated?

So, I started reading a lot of children’s books. I’m reading my old favorites, some classics and popular books that I missed as a child, and occasionally, some newer books. I’ve been taking notes as I read, but I decided to start writing up blog posts on the books, so I’ll have some coherent thoughts to share with my son. I’ll be writing up my thoughts about these books, focusing on the following things: my history with the book, does it hold up/would kids still enjoy it, is there any objectionable content (let’s face it, older books may have some racial stuff that’s very hard to read), and can you read it aloud.


If you have any suggestions for forgotten classics, I’d love to have them. Contact me at readingfortwo70@gmail.com.