Review: White Rose

White Rose
By Kip Wilson
Published April 2, 2019 by HMH Versify

White Rose is an important and timely book. It tells the story of Sophie Scholl, a young German woman who was part of group called the White Rose that resisted the Nazi government during World War II. Sophie, her brother, and their friends were university White Rosestudents who wrote and distributed anonymous letters and pamphlets condemning the Nazi regime.

This is a really valuable book. As we get further away from World War II, it’s important to keep the memories of what happened alive. In a regime where most people just went along with the horrors, it’s inspiring to read about people who tried to make a difference. Sophie and her friends were just normal people who found a way to stand up to tyranny, at great personal cost.

The novel is written in verse, which I think was a good choice, as it lends a certain gravitas to the story. The poems are very straightforward and readable, and even readers who aren’t used to poetry shouldn’t be put off. There are many lines I could quote, but here’s a brief passage that’s representative.

After sitting
on the sidelines
like a caged tiger
for a week,
I can’t wait
face my fear
break out of my complancency
do whatever I can.

I found the book very moving, and I think the story will resonate with teen readers. I highly recommend it.

I received an ARC from the publisher via Amazon Vine.


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