Review: Uncharted

By Erin Cashman
Published September 4. 2018 by Page Street Kids

Uncharted was a fun, quick YA read. It skews a bit toward the younger side of YA.

Annabeth is a young woman with a lot of baggage. She suffers from depression related to her intense grief over her mother’s death. She blames herself, and she’s still in great pain. She and her father attend the funeral of some old friends of her parents, and she reconnects with Griffin, her former childhood playmate and the son of the dead couple. Then her father disappears, and Annabeth searches desperately her him, while fighting her growing attraction to Griffin and wondering if she can trust any of her father’s friends, all of whom seem to be keeping things from her.uncharted

Annabeth’s parents were part of a group of explorers who went searching for unusual things and lost places. Annabeth is convinced that their explorations have something to do with her father’s disappearance, but no one will give her any information. She resorts to some not particularly smart moves to try to gain information, but her behavior feels true to her age and situation, even if I found it occasionally frustrating. I like that the author explored Annabeth’s ongoing depression. Because she was once hospitalized and she’s still under the care of a psychiatrist, she worries that the police won’t take her seriously.

I was intrigued by the mysteries in the book. The adults are explorers, and the idea that they may have stumbled upon a hidden island is fascinating. I’m interested to see this explored more in the next book.

I think the cover design of this book is a bit odd. The photo of a girl standing at the end of pier feels much more appropriate for a contemporary YA. There’s a map design superimposed over the cover image, but it’s subtle and not particularly noticeable at first glance.

I received an ARC from Amazon Vine.

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