80s Flashback: An Introduction

When I first envisioned this project and blog, I pictured myself reading the classics of children’s literature: Anne of Green Gables, Harriet the Spy, and so forth. But when I started making a list of books I enjoyed as a child, I quickly realized that not all of them were what you’d call classics. For every Little House on the Prairie or Are Your There God? It’s Me Margaret, there wimg_2821as a Sweet Dreams romance or a Dark Forces book.

These books may not have had the most literary merit, but they were still a part of my life during a very formative period, and I thought it would be interesting to revisit some of them. I also enjoy these books for the aesthetic value of their covers–I can’t get enough of cheesy 80s young adult covers (check out the matching turtlenecks on the couple on the top left, neither of whom look like they’re in high school).

Although I’m calling this series 80s Flashback, some of the books were written in the 70s. But if I first read a book in 1980 or later, I figure it makes the cut. I’m going to concentrate on books I read as a kid, but I may branch out into books that are new to me, so if you have any favorites, please recommend them. (I’ll give priority to anything with a cheesy cover.)

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